488 Queen Street

488 Queen Street

The Opportunity

Having identified the ability to reposition 488 Queen Street as a boutique commercial office offering within the Brisbane CBD Market in 2018, we are now proud of the work completed alongside ATG Projects, for our trusted client, Mineral Resources Lihir.

The Results

For 30+ Years, Trident Property have advocated and witnessed the strong performance of boutique, high-end, smaller assets for our clients. Trident Property Advisory were engaged as Asset Managers, Facilities Managers, Project Coordinators, and, Superintendent.

217% Increase in WALE & 98% Occupancy following completion of repositioning works

We conceived this strategy following a survey of all occupants when Trident Property took over the management of the asset. We responded to the desire to have a high-end EOTF along with the feedback that the A-Grade Finishes and views of the tower floors did not match the presentation of the Ground Floor. The challenge was to minimise NLA sacrificed for an EOTF whilst delivering a solution capable of handling the day-to-day demand for a cost-effective solution, which we achieved.

Since 2018 to now (in the most recent lease deals), Trident Property Advisory have been able to increase Face Rents by 31%, and, more important for our cashflow focused clients, a 87% increase in Gross Effective Rents.

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With over 37+ years of experience in commercial real estate, we’re able to offer specialised advice & tailored solutions to your requirements. Get in touch with a member of our team today for a complimentary chat.

Benefits of choosing Trident Property Advisory over the competition

Understanding of the local market

Trident Property Advisory will always act in the best interests of the building owner. If required to lease vacancies, we will seek out the agents most capable, whether from Trident or another firm, to co-ordinate a leasing campaign that achieves the best results. Trident has developed a comprehensive and extensive network of property owners and industry contacts that allow us to be agile and swift in putting the right parties together to create successful outcomes. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of marketing and technology strategies that help represent you as a property owner in a professional and engaging manner.

Director Shaun’s experience and commitment to creating a vision that places your needs front of mind

True success is delivered through professional tenacity and genuine team collaboration. This philosophy drives Shaun, inspires his team, and fuels the confidence and respect of his clients. Shaun has over 37 years’ experience, now leading Trident as Managing Director. He saw tremendous potential to turn Trident into a leading real estate firm focused on building solid long term client relationships, and dynamically pursuing property deals that would set the company apart from other real estate businesses. Shaun gained his extensive experience by being part of some of Brisbane’s most complex developments, and managing a prolific number of transactions across the private and commercial real estate sectors.


“Ben Sikalas’ passionate belief in our offering led to seven externally introduced leasing deals concluded in a 12-month period”

Rhett Williams, Chief Executive Officer, RG Property Group

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