We have a proven approach when it comes to commercial property. We provide our valued clients with three integrated services in advisory, transactional services and asset management – all driven towards delivering tailored strategy and value-adding results.

Our advisory service provides our clients with tailored strategies to ensure the ongoing success of commercial property assets and portfolios.

We ensure assets are appreciating and providing returns in line with client expectations and market metrics. Our advice is relevant at all stages of the property life-cycle, including maximising returns from an established asset, redevelopment and
re-purposing opportunities, or re-positioning
a new acquisition.


Our people have passion for property, proven results and persistence. We are leaders in mid-market transactions for private and institutional investors across Queensland. We have completed thousands of sales and leasing transactions over more than 37 years, across the Brisbane CBD and further afield.

We apply a project leasing or “whole building” approach to each task, which looks beyond just filling a lease or selling a property. We look to create a sense of place which adds and sustains value.

Our experienced asset management team maximises property returns for our clients to create ongoing property value uplift. We analyse the needs and opportunities of all assets entrusted to us. We take the time to understand the individual requirements of landlords and tenants, while assessing all operational components of the asset.

Our team combines property management, facility management and finance, all working together to create value and generate positive returns.

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